Also known as lip injections and lip augmentation

Few people are born with thin lips and others experience thinning of lips as a part of ageing process. Lip injections using natural or synthetic fillers can be used keep your lips plump, these injections are effective for months at a time. For a more permanent solution we can use lip implants and other surgical procedures. Other procedures for Lip enhancement include lip lifts, vermillion (lip) advancement and permanent makeup.

Many people who consider lip enhancement also consider fillers, facial implants and permanent makeup.


Procedure Location
Fat Transfer Operation Theatre
Fillers Out patient procedure room
Dermal Graft Operation Theatre
Vermillion Advancement Operation Theatre
Lip Implant Operation Theatre
Lip Lift Operation Theatre


Procedure Duration
Fat Transfer Fat Transfer 30 – 60 minutes
Fillers 30 minutes
Dermal Graft 30-60 minutes
Vermillion Advancement 60 minutes
Lip Implant 30-60 minutes
Lip Lift 60 minutes


Procedure Anaesthesia
Fat Transfer Local Anaesthesia
Dermal Graft
Vermillion Advancement
Lip Implant
Lip Lift


For the surgical procedures of dermal grafts, Lip implants, Lip lift minimal incisions are made and very small sutures are placed, which will be removed 5-6 days later.

The surgeon strategically plans and places the incisions and stitches for the surgery in terms of number, size, material, location and technique aiming to keep the resulting scar minimal, hidden and not easily visible eye.


Procedure Stay at Clinic
Fat Transfer Less than 24 hours
Fillers No downtime. The patient can leave for home after the procedure is done.
Dermal Graft Less than 24 hours
Vermillion Advancement Less than 24 hours
Lip Implant Less than 24 hours
Lip Lift Less than 24 hours


The following are the frequently used techniques for ip enhancement. The surgeon may use one or more of them together based on your cosmetic goals and health status.

Injections – Fat Transfer

By using Liposuction ,fat is harvested from your body and processed and transferred. This procedure may be repeated over few session to attain the desired result.

Injections – Fillers

Fillers usually contain a biocompatible material which is made from a natural or a synthetic source. These are used a substitute for fat transfer. Usually we can get the desired result wityhin one session. But, as the results are temporary, they wear off over a span of months and we may need to repeat the treatments then.

Surgery – Dermal Graft

This technique advances the lip forward and is a permanent method. The incision for the procedure will be placed inside the mouth, hence won’t be visible to the outside. The surgeon may can take a graft of fatty tissue from the deeper layers of the skin, and postion it under the mucosa (the lining of the lip) for an additional plumpiness.

Surgery – Vermillion Advancement

An incision is carefully paced along the upper border of the upper lip and a strip of skin is removed above it. The upper border of the darker portion is now pulled and attached to the cut border above , thus increasing the area of the coloured portion of the upper lip.

Surgery – Lip Implant

Lip implants are placed through tiny incisions made at the corners of the mouth. Implants made from natural and synthetic sources are available. The surgeon can recommend the best one for your after a careful evaluation.

Surgery – Lip Lift

For people with downward sloping mouth and loose skin in and around the lips, the extra skin can be removed surgically and the remainder is lifted and attached to the border above, thus getting the desired shape. The sutures used for this procedure are very small and can be removed four to five days later.

REST AT HOME before resuming office work

Procedure Rest at Home before resuming office work
Fat Transfer 3-4 days due to swelling at the site the site of surgery.
Dermal Graft
Vermillion Advancement
Lip Implant
Lip Lift


After the surgery, for a day or two, the patient will experience bruising and swelling with a mild to moderate degree of discomfort. This is natural and expected and can be reduced by using a cold compress or some pain medication.

Stitches would be removed in four to six days. Absorbable sutures will be placed inside the mouth and these would dissolve in a similar time frame.
Soft diet is advised for up to ten days.

You can resume your work related activities within a week.

You may resume going to the gym and playing sports after four to six weeks.


Procedure Follow up Visits
Fat Transfer 1 week after the procedure.
Dermal Graft
Vermillion Advancement
Lip Implant
Lip Lift


Duration for which the results last depend on two factors, the type of procedure chosen and your reaction to the treatment: to the treatment.

  • Fat injections: Give permanent results but may require multiple injections.
  • Filler Injections: Depending on the type of filler chosen the results may from three to six months to up to a year.
  • Lip implants, lip lifting, vermillion advancement & dermal grafting: These yield permanent results.

Maintain good communication with the aesthetic plastic surgeon

Keeping safety in mind as well as for the most beautiful outcome of the procedure, we advise that you visit the clinic for follow-up and evaluation at prescribed times. Also do not hesitate to contact the doctor if you notice any changes in the treatment areas or when you have any concerns and queries.


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Significant complications from Lip Enhancement surgery, fortunately, are infrequent. The risks specific to your health will be discussed during the consultation. Thousands of people undergo this procedure every year and are glad with the results.

Every surgery has some risks associated with it. Some potential ones include

  • Allergies
  • Adverse response to the specific med
  • Damage to the underlying structures during the procedure
  • Hematoma or seroma (an aggregation of blood or liquid under the skin that might require removal)
  • Infection and bleeding
  • Changes in sensation
  • Scarring
  • Unsatisfactory results that might necessitate additional procedures

You can minimize certain risks by following the instructions given by the doctor both before and after the surgery.

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