Thota’s Revera clinic was started in August 2005 by Dr.Radha Thota and Dr.Venkat Thota. It was the first of its kind to provide exclusive medical cosmetic services through plastic surgery and cosmetology in Hyderabad.

It is registered with Govt of Telangana – Health and family welfare department – District registering authority vide Regd.No. 07F-APMCE-1054 under the provisions of T.G Allopathic Private Medical Care Establishments Registration and Regulation Act 2002 to provide the following medical care services: i.Basic Types of Services, ii.Speciality Types of Services, iii.Diagnostics Types of Services

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We aim to be at the forefront in providing novel treatment choices to individuals to help them accomplish their cosmetic goals. Also we aim to provide training and conduct research on beauty through medicine.

We provide novel and time tested cosmetic medical and surgical treatments.

The medical care we offer is usually for individuals above the age of 18, given their wellbeing allows the procedure. Certain surgical techniques, for example, adjustment of cleft palate and cleft lip can be performed in kids too.


We are right now endeavoring to contact a bigger gathering of individuals at an International and National level to communicate about the exclusive medical services we provide and to bring awareness regarding the same among the overall population.


As a provider, we endeavor to incorporate within us the best and most recent techniques by taking up the most astounding benchmarks of training, recommendations and advancements. We stick to the restorative code of morals and behavior. We carry out our employment with genuineness and execute it with exactness and empathy towards the patient. We keep up supreme secrecy and guarantee protection of the patient amid their treatment.

The six main principles of Medical ethics that we follow are-

  1. Beneficence – To act in the best interest of the patient
  2. Non-malfeasance – Do not harm
  3. Autonomy – The patient’s right to refuse or choose (consent)
  4. Justice – Who gets what treatment on the basis of illness
  5. Dignity – Patient and doctor both have the right to dignity
  6. Truthfulness/Honesty – The patient deserves to know the complete truth about the illness and treatment

We adhere to our business ethics as it not only protects the organisation’s reputation but is also needed to make business activities fair and reasonable for consumers. Business ethics plays a major role in dealing with customers, including customer service and customer issues. They help the organisation in determining obligations and duties towards individuals and groups outside the organisation.

When you feel that you can look better by making some cosmetic alterations possible through plastic surgery and cosmetology, we aim to do our bit in trying to make you reach your cosmetic goals. We guide you in redesigning your cosmetic self, to look and feel your best at any age.

Medical field via plastic surgery and cosmetology offers you the option to try for a better skin tone, facial features, breast size, body shape and even marital bliss with mommy make over and vaginal rejuvenation.

We are devoted to providing professional care for you at every stage of the treatment process beginning from the initial consultation to the post treatment review.

Next time you think of beautiful things don’t forget to count yourself in!