Our doctor’s believe in products and skin care practices which are backed science and sound research

Hydrate your skin

Consume a good amount of water. When the body is adequately hydrated the skin gets a more youthful, plumper look. It helps reduce wrinkles.

Use sunscreen daily

Harmful sun rays are the leading cause of early ageing. A sunscreen with SPF>30 which protects from both UV-A & UV-B rays should effectively protect from such damage. Always a physical block with an umbrella or a wide brimmed hat is much better. It should be applied on face, neck and “V” of chest on a daily basis.

Use a retinoid product

Retinoids help build collagen, fine lines, even the tone and texture & shrink pore size. They are available in various strengths from mild over the counter ones to prescription strength ones. Though they are known to cause dryness of skin, it could be managed. Consult our doctor to determine a strength suitable for you.

Use antioxidants

Free radicals and sun exposure damage skin and antioxidants help fight these harmful stressors. Vitamin C and Vit E are two popular antioxidants & some other rich natural sources include coffee berry and green tea. There is a lot of research going on regarding these, consult our physician to find a suitable antioxidant for your skin.

Growth factors: The gold standard of Skin therapy

These are the latest application in skin care and are showing promising results. They act on parts of the skin that build collagen. They improve fine lines, sun spots thus contributing to a better skin tone.

It is recommended that you always test any cosmetic product over a small area of your skin before a main stream use. This would help in ruling out any possible allergies specific to you.

Get a yearly check up from a dermatologist or a cosmetologist.

They can help you by screening for any sun damage or skin cancer which might go unnoticed.

Personal Hygiene

The importance of this aspect cannot be stressed more. Maintain good personal hygiene by taking a regular bath with a suitable scrub & soap for your skin and mild exfoliating face wash for your face.