When Skin is subjected to a rapid stretching in a short period of time, tears occur in the dermis which heal with scar formation and would be visible as stretch marks. Tears occur when the normal expansion of the skin cannot keep pace with the volume growth. Such situations of rapid stretching are seen in puberty, pregnancy or weight gain.

During their early stages, i.e, approx. 9-12 months since their appearance, they have a pink or red hue and at this phase they can be effectivelylessened by using Lasers and IPL.

The stretch marks which are older than a year are classified as “mature” and depending on one’s skin type, they appear as hyper or hypo-pigmented scars. These scars can be effectively managed by surgical treatment only, either by targeting individual stretch marks or by removing a portion of skin with numerous stretch marks. Such a strip removal is employed in tummy tucks and body lifts. If you have to this surgical treatment, it is important to realize that it is a trade off in visible improvement, exchanging surgical scars for the stretch mark(s).

A laser would only help in addressing the problem of discoloration and not the basic issue with a stretch mark that is overstretched dermis. One has to decide for himself/herself if their goal is the removal of stretch mark or the discoloration. Also, not all areas of the body are amenable to surgery, please visit our plastic surgeon to discuss you case and the possible options.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to tighten the lax abdominal wall and remove the excess skin that develops in mid to lower abdomen. In women such a scenario is commonly seen after child birth.


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