Venkat Akhilesh Thota

Dr.Akhilesh Thota is a General Practitioner at Thota’s Rever’a Clinic, is an MBBS graduate who aspires to become a plastic surgeon. Being an advocate of Evidence Based Medicine, he believes in giving a realistic hope and a positive attitude to his patients.
His objectives in life are very clear

  1. He wants to provide the best of service in Cosmetic surgery to as many clients as possible.
  2. To contribute to Cosmetic Surgery by conducting clinical research
  3. To Pass on his experience and knowledge and train more doctors in an institutional setting

Also, he possesses certifications in the following

  1. Basic Life Support
  2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  3. International Trauma Life Support
  4. Paediatric Advanced Life Support

Prasad – Support Staff

He has been with us since almost 15 years and caters to every need of the clinic and the patient right from procuring the items required in the clinic to attending to the needs of patients. Also, he arranges transport and food for them of their choice.

Priti – Receptionist

She would be the first person to greet you, as you enter the clinic. Being a passionate advocate of healthcare service, she gracefully receives every patient. An enthusiastic and  meticulous person.

Maintenance Staff

We have two Class 4 employees, who are well trained in conduct and etiquette and maintain our premises prick clean and hygienic.